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Graphic charterGraphic charter

From 490€ excluding taxes

Your website must carry a positive image :

  1. You have a graphic charter : its integration is included in the Pakigo offer.
  2. You don't have a graphic charter : the intervention of a professional is required to create a quality charter.

Other services available on quote: logo design, company charter, etc.. (Consult us).

Graphic artist : Fabrice PREVOST


From 50€ excluding taxesper piece

Introduce others to a place, a route, an interior through an upscale virtual tour ImageTour.


Website : imageTOUR

Communication agencyCommunication agency services

Price according to service

You need to be guided in developing your online communication ? You don't have time to write and format contents? We are in touch with communication agencies that can help you.


Price according to service

With Pakigo we can organize the correction of your static content, as well as your dynamic content (news, product descriptions, etc..).

Proofreader : Lau de la Vallée