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Pakigo offers

Clear and balanced offers.
Customization based on predefined themes.
Features already very advanced and yet easy to use.

An incredible ability to evolve over time.
And we are there throughout your project !

Other offers available on the market to create a website

  • The "free website" offer. Free websites do not exist ! A website at least requires a web hosting service, a domain name, technical and human resources. There has to be a cost somewhere.

  • Create a very low cost website. Offers at a few euros per year exist. If you have computer skills and plenty of time available, such an offer could be for you. But experience shows that it is very rare to end up with a good quality website. There is a strong probability that the time you will spend far exceeds your estimations.
  • Investing in a fully customized website developed for you. These are the most effective websites. But they require very important conceptual and develpment work and the costs are proportional ! We create them. Just have a look at what we did for la Chèvrerie du Brabant.

    It's not always suitable for all projects. Sometimes a Pakigo website may be more appropriate. But if it is justified, we have all the experience needed to do it !

Why Pakigo is a very good offer ?

During the conception stage, you will have to spend time with us to define your website. But afterwards, we handle the whole creation.

Despite its low cost, Pakigo allows you to compose your website with functions directly manageable :

  • news,
  • presentation of your achievements,
  • your opening hours,
  • email subscription for your visitors,
  • and many more...

All of these dynamic areas are very easy to use. If over time you need a new Pakigo module , we can add it to your website. If you need a very specific extension, we can custom make it.

The development of the manageable parts of a website often represents 90% of the costs. It is precisely because on Pakigo we know how to pool these parts that we can make them available at highly competitive prices.

In the end, you focus on the essential, what will be visible on your website.